Saturday, April 20, 2013

Protest rally in Oslo, Norway: Against the recent forceful eviction of Amharas from different parts of Ethiopia

By ecadforum, 19.04.2013

Ethiopians in Norway have held a great and spectacular demonstration
Ethiopians in Norway have held a great and spectacular demonstration opposing the recent evictions of ethnic Amharas from different parts of Ethiopia and demanding freedom in Ethiopia.
The demonstrators showed their anger and frustration walking through the main street in Oslo and chanting slogans denouncing the barbaric act of the TPLF regime and demanding democracy and regime change in Ethiopia.
The participants in the demonstration were different organizations, political parties, supporting organs, civic organizations, religious groups and independent individuals reflecting Ethiopians unity and colorfulness!
The demonstrators have also met the representative of the Norwegian parliament –Stortinget, and delivered their appeal.
In this demonstration Ethiopians in Norway not only showed their solidarity with all victims of TPLF in Ethiopia, but also confirmed their determination to confront any activities what so ever done in Norway by TPLF in the name of Ethiopian people!

OSLO - Ethiopians protest against ethnic cleansing!

By EthiomediaApril 20, 2013

 OSLO, Norway - Ethiopian protesters on Thursday expressed outrage at the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Amhara, and called for the removal of the TPLF regime that is responsible for the heinous crime.

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