Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kissing up to Woyane tyranny is bottom feeding and crime against Ethiopians

By Teshome Debalke

It is strange, relatively small numbers of determined individuals are willing to be bottom feeders for Woyane tyranny. The fact they surrender their God given right to be free by kissing up to Woyane should tell us their urge to get ahead of everybody else piggybacking on the regime. After all, without them the regime has noting show.

It is this love-hate relationship bottom feeders have with tyranny that opened the door for millions to suffer on the hand of Woyane. Among bottom feeders are journalists that glamorize tyranny and cover up its crimes.
Ethiopians never argue, fight over or disagree on the choice between tyranny verses freedom. Only bottom feeders entertain tyranny as a choice over freedom; willing to conspire against the rights and freedoms of Ethiopians, no one else.
To surrender own rights and freedom and go beyond-supporting a small time tyrant against the freedom and rights of millions compatriots speaks volumes about contemptible bottom feeders of our time. Such behavior is not only idiotic in modern times but unforgivable.

The reward alone couldn’t explain the behavior of our contemporary bottom feeders. There must be other incentives to surrender rights in the service of tyranny. It could be political motivation or purely greed to get ahead of everybody else; cutting corners and involving in all kinds of crimes, including corruption. Naturally, morally bankrupt and intellectually dysfunctional individuals; prone to crimes are attracted to these kinds of occupation. Such trait is what tyranny looks for when recruiting them.
A good example of Woyane bottom feeders would be those individuals in the Diasporas that willingly volunteer to serve and preserve tyranny. Unlike their counterpart at home with little choice, the Diaspora bottom feeders are the worst kind. Having choices, they choose to serve tyranny against their own freedom and the people by providing cover for tyranny.

Why they do what they do is a subject for historians and psychologist to explore.   But, for average Ethiopian, bottom feeders remain the instrument of tyranny in countless crimes and suffering of the people we know and see and the many crimes we don’t know and see.
Surprisingly, bottom feeders seems to enjoy the suffering of people as an opportunity to cash in. instead of restraining themselves when presented with overwhelming evidence of crimes against humanity they cover it up. Blinded by corruption and cronyism they keep on kissing up to tyranny and look for every excuse imaginable to justify their behavior.

Short of inflecting phsical harm to their compatriots as hit men of tyranny, bottom feeders are in the business of covering-up, snitching and spreading propaganda to extend the life of tyranny.  Blaming others is the easiest and the most frequently used excuse. Therefore, searching for dirt on anyone that threatened their tyrant is a fulltime work.
The more educated bottom feeders are the worst they get and, the lamest excuse they come up. For example, bottom feeder economist, educators… are very good reducing science into fiction without blinking an eye to fit the desire of the ruling tyrant.  Likewise, bottom feeder journalists, are good in reducing the truth into echo of the tyrant as loud as they can make it. They have no qualm lying on the record and lying again to cover the previous. They all are in perpetual suspense from the reality around them.

Tyranny attracts a variety of bottom feeders and congregates them for explicit reason of covering up crimes against the rights and interest of millions of people. Since their job doesn’t require knowledge to do right, bottom feeders are all the same regardless of their qualification. The only thing they use their knowledge is how well they can cover up the crime of the regime to the world to sustain tyranny.
Therefore, a tyrant can’t survive without bottom feeder as they don’t have any use but bottom feeding in exchange for bribe of the public resources under the regime. The marriage between the two is what keeps tyranny going.  Bottom feeders are easy to please; simply feeding their empty ego is sufficient to make them surrender their freedom in the service of tyranny. They have no value for their own freedom to sell it for as little perk and recogntion from a tyrant.

Bottom feeders of tyranny must be reminded the occupation they choose has no value in society. There is no glory in bottom feeding and the reward isn’t real but, blood and sweat of the people. The damage they cause isn’t minor misdemeanor but a serious offence against humanity.
For instant, the late Woyane leader, Melse Zenawi in one of his public rant claimed his regime doesn’t need intelligent people but those that serve Woyane’s agenda.  In his famous quota ‘a guard is good enough as long as he serve his regime’ is a good example of the caliber of the collection of bottom feeders he assembled in Ethiopia.

Therefore, it is not a mystery why bottom feeders overwhelmed the regime’s officials and Media, business, education…; recruited as unintelligent defenders of tyranny.  The bottom feeders in Diaspora are worst than their counterparts at home, because they do it voluntarily; choosing to abandon their freedom to serve tyranny. The only excuse they have is to claim they are helping their people when in reality they feed off poverty on behalf of the regime. Time and time again they show up looking where they can sell poverty for the highest bidder and cash in handsomely for themselves. The agents of poverty lords biggest accomplishment is coming together to praise tyrant for empowering them to rip-off their people.
Bottom feeding is the worst behavior of human beings and the cost to the people is enormous.  Tyranny needs them than they need it; therefore, it offer them bribes and power to make them feel comfortable to serve. Once they accept, they are part of the Woyane family; defending tyranny tooth and nail to protect their interest.  They become anti freedom, anti democracy and anti human; willing to do anything to sustain tyranny.

Bottom feeders in Diaspora are true to their name. They do it by choose and makes them unique in the human experience. Often weak and prone to crime they ask no question but where to cash-in without much effort. Showing up dressed up alone is enough for them to feel worthy of something they are not. It is more the psychological satisfaction that drives them to bottom feed for tyranny.

Like urban gang members, life of criminality is a must to serve. Like gang members, loyalty to the gang leader is unquestionable to survive. Like gang members, praising the leader is a prerequisite to show loyalty and earn favoritism to climb in rank.
Bottom feeders are what keep tyranny alive. The more Ethiopians go after bottom feeders the sooner tyranny ends. It is important to note, most bottom feeders are ignorant and don’t know what they are doing but getting along with the rest of the flocks feed with dosage of propaganda to keep them going. When they find out the reality it is too late to come to their senses to abandon it therefore remain bottom feeders. The fact they hide their identity and activities is a testimony bottom feeding is not a popular occupation but an opportunity to get ahead while no one looking. Thus, recruiting more bottom feeders is one way of feeling good about themselves to protect their interest. Showing up on the bottom feeders’ convention in Diaspora top observe their activity will revile their true character.

There is no glory being bottom feeder for tyranny except committing crimes against the people and run as fugitives from justice.  Ethiopians must show zero tolerance for bottom feeders. Sooner or later every bottom feeder realizes s/he is public enemy #1.

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