Thursday, February 14, 2013

Crimes in the name of the people of Tigray

There is no telling why Woyane have choice to tarnish good will of Tigray and associate it with crime of atrocity and corruption. Whatever the reason may be, it is part of the grad plan of tearing Ethiopians apart. The desperate regime and its vulgar henchmen don’t seem to understand the day of making drama to prolong Woyane rule is coming to end. 

By Teshome Debalke
Here we go again; the notorious Woyane propaganda Minster Berket Simon’s is back again with his fiction. The EritreanEthiopian Christian and Muslim Council in Washington DC national- that pretends to represent the Amhara Region in the Woyane Ethnic Federal scum is at it again. This time around, his project is on our people of the Muslim faith; portraying them as terrorist.  The drama titled Jihadawi-Harekat, produced and directed by Birket Simon is showing in the only television station under Woyane.  The regime is playing its jungle trickery hoping it would make any difference what Ethiopians think of each other.
Woyane  stooges seems to come in a full circle abusing Ethiopians and Ethiopia in the name of the people of Tigray. Those that cashed-in with blood money are behaving erratically; fearing the day of robbing the people of Ethiopia will be over soon.
Look my people; there is no nationality, religion or ethnicity in criminality, except criminals always find safe heaven to hind behind. Like any criminal enterprise Woyane choose to hide behind the people of Tigray. Others use religion, region, ideology…depending what is best for their criminality.  There are suckers that believe Woyane’s scum artists playing them for fools to go along with an elaborate drama to cover up its crime.
It is clear Woyane kills and steals in the name of the people of Tigray. It sells territory and sovereignty in their name. It ransacks the country and raid the treasury in their name. It disturbs the peace and tranquility of religious institutions in their name. It begs and launders money in their name… on and on. It is called the Endowment Fraud for Ripping off Ethiopia in the name of Tigray (EFFORT).
If there is one thing Woyane is good at; it is tarnishing the name and goodwill of the people of Tigray. Isolating them from their people pretending to favor them by stealing from the rest is the same drama we have been witnessing over and over again on Woyane’s propaganda guru by Berket Simon.
If you ask me, the people of Tigray are God fearing and country loving patriots used and abused by Woyane. Therefore, if we believe what Berket Simon and Co. tells us then we are no better than Woyane itself. But, collectively the people of Tigray must draw the line on the sand and say not in my name again and begin cleaning house.
What we need as Ethiopians is the truth to be told. But, Woyane and its bribed operatives are on our way to find out the truth. Disgracefully, the Eritrean national Birket Simon is in charge of telling everything but the truth. Unless we are out of our mind to believe what Woyane tells us, there in noting to worry if the desperate regime makes all the drama. We must tell the truth until the stooges run for their life as they are doing.
My people, there is more to Woyane than what we think. Therefore, we must not react out of emotion and make matter worse than it is with the rubbish coming out of the propaganda mills. We have to understand why Woyane want to falsify the truth about our people and country. We must also learn how criminal mind works to understand Woyane.
For example, when Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) came on-air Woyane’s worst nightmare began. I wrote, ‘ESAT is the best thing that happened to Ethiopians since the Adwa Victory’.  What I meant was, when the truth come out, Woyane will run. As we expected the truth is coming out and Woyane is running for its life.
After Woyane did everything in its power to stop ESAT unsuccessfully, I wrote again, ESAT is not just a Media, it is lifeline-A 911 and an intensive care to save us from tyranny syndrome’.  It was meant to say Woyane propaganda is poison; infecting us rapidly and ESAT can save us from the poison. Surly, it is curing many from the infection and more and more are being cured.
The question is, why would a regime that claims to win the vote of 99.64% of the people of Ethiopia freaks out to run to the China for help to stop ESAT?  The truth…, you see; one thing that scares Woyane to its pants, more than anything is the truth. That is why it holds on to the only Media and hires hoodlums to spread falsehood around the world. Only hoodlums are willing to spread falsehood to their people on behalf of Woyane. Therefore, anytime you hear anything thing that come out of Woyane poison and it hired hoodlums you turn to ESAT for cure.
By now, there is no question Woyane toxicity is clearer than ever for all, including those that flirted with it for too long. The toxic must be cleansed from body politics and, no one can do it better than Tigrians. It doesn’t mean they have greater responsibility than others,   but, they have to protect their people and country from the mercenaries that use an abuse their name to steal and kill.
Only the people of Tigray can isolate the criminals in their mist in their search and destroy mission of the toxic Woyane and Co. Only they understand the in-and-out of the operatives to expose them to the world to face justices.
The assassins of Woyane are all over the world. They are threatening Ethiopians for speaking out on the crimes of their bosses, even in the free world.  The recent expose of Woyae tugs running loose threatening Ababe Gelaw is a good example of how far they have come with their lawlessness.
The opposition must acknowledge protesting against Woyane’s crime is not enough. It requires taking action against the regime officials and its operatives. It demands evidence gathering and reporting to the proper authorities to clean up the criminals.
The independent Media must acknowledge write ups against the kingpins of Woyane is not enough. It requires investigative reporting on the organization and operatives’ conspiracy and corruption to inform the people of Ethiopia and the world to take action.
Advocacy groups’ speech and presentation of the crime of Woyane isn’t enough. It requires challenging the regime’s enablers for conspiring to commit crime against the people. The world must be educated to understand Woyane is a criminal enterprise.
While Woyane stooges scramble to cover up their crimes, we must be mindful of one thing; anything we do in aiding and abiding Woyane is crime against Ethiopians. There would be a price to pay for our delinquencies. We should also understand; conspiracy to cover up the crimes of Woyane is as bad, if not worst as committing the crime itself.
There is no glory in aiding and abiding Woyane tyranny. If the operatives didn’t learn by now they will never learn until the law knocks on their doors.
Democracy and freedom will come, we can’t stop it. We either are part of the movement or will run as fugitives for the rest of our lives from the law. It is one of those life’s choices we make that make and breaks everything else.
There is no way out of the stalemate; Woyane criminals will surrender and face justice. The sorry Berket’s drama or the treat of the desperate cadres isn’t going to stop the Day of Judgment.
As for those of us that made a choice not to participate in anything Woyane, it isn’t only the right thing to do; it is the only thing.
My advice to Woyane stooges that see glory in aiding the regime is to come clean and abandon Woyane when you have a chance. Crying wolf later; when the law knocks on your door isn’t going to help you redeem yourself.
The choice is simple, Woyane or Ethiopians; it’s obvious who would win by 99.99% and no Election Board is needed.

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