Monday, February 18, 2013

Dr. Tekeda Alemu and TPLF (part 2)

By Girma hadas

In the previous part, I pointed out the level of moral decadence and the degree of greed thatco-opted the character of one of TPLF’s diplomatic guru Dr. Tekeda Alemu. As part of my first article, I pointed out what is wrong with the former state minister of foreign affairs and current Ethiopian ambassador to the United Nations. I will put forward the follow up that explains the person more in light of factual information I gathered while I had been a member of the civil service for decades. If some people have questions why I singled out the person and make him the topic of my discussion I would simply say this; it is because unlike others Tekeda exhibit a character no other individual had in terms of being an accessory to evil while painting himself a color of neutrality.

The person pretends as being an independent mind who avoids being a member of the ethnic based parties while in fact he is the mastermind of TPLF foreign policy effort of covering up the untold human rights violation, torture, killing and imprisonment of thousands of Ethiopians from the eyes of the international community. By writing this follow up I would hope that Tekeda Alemu would hopefully stand for truth and sanity that will be a lesson not only to his two girls but also to other Ethiopian youth. If he keeps denying the facts his daughters will have the fate of Mengistu Hailemariam’s kids who are detached from their roots and live amid a culture and people they do not know under a constant fear of harm that may come their way for the crimes of the unrepentant dad!
Unlike what many regard Tekeda to be, people do not know about him many things. I will not repeat what I said in the first part. As being a state minister of foreign affairs Tekeda was involved in many matters that make him the laughing stock behind closed doors at the foreign ministry. While his secretaries order messengers to bring files from the archive and it took a little more time he will come running down from second floor rolling his sleeves up as if he is ready to fight. His character from the early days that he was a football player at St. George still is in his blood after making his PHD and adding up 40 years in his life. He is the only one I know education and age made very little impact in changing behavior towards maturity and civility. He used to insult and abuse those poor messengers running from room to room carrying files and those in the archive section.
The same was true about him while treating the ministry’s drivers who were assigned to give him a ride whenever necessary. If he calls the dispatch and there is no one to answer he will run down to their office and threaten them to death. The same is true when his wife (Almaz Gidey?) complained about drivers for any reason. If she is going to market to buy onion, tomatoes and potatoes and the driver is not at her door step on time her top official husband wont waste time to come down to low places and lash out at those drivers. Among others the threats of Tekeda involves that those drivers will not get a chance to go to foreign missions as drivers. Many drivers have been struck by his harsh words for being late for his and his wife’s ride.
Let me skip to his professional activities that exhibits more lies and deception and very little, if any, facts. I will not dig in to his old diplomatic blunders and lies; I mentioned some of it in the first part. I will just look at the one that he recently engaged in and many of us read it in the news. There is no one sane Ethiopian that was not surprised to hear that Ethiopia became a member of the united nation human rights commission. A country that is in the top tier of those nations who imprison activists, journalists and opposition politicians has become in a commission that defends these same people. This is the most ridiculous thing to happen in the real world. How could a hyena be a custodian to the sheeps and goats?
The guy who happens to be so unashamed of doing such despicable act is none other than the ‘educated’ Tekeda Alemu (see the link that shows the letter from the Doctor to the UN requesting for membership, There is no other better way for some one to say to the world I know the reality but I will keep doing what is wrong as long as TPLF provides what I need for my wife, two daughters and me. Do we really expect a man who goes to American universities to exhibit this level of opportunism and denial of reality? Not those with his level education and who are way under his level in status go to exile after refusing to serve lies and propagandas that are meant to protect the regime and its financially and economically connected elites.
Ethiopian in all wakes of life should be able to weed out people who attempt to eat with two forks. One of these people is Tekeda Alemu. As he made it from the Derg to TPLF, he might think he will make it from TPLF to the post TPLF regime that will come sooner or latter. A man who sustains oppression and dictatorship shall not be an element of change as long as he stick to it to the last drop. I know Tekeda knows much that will be used to the nation. What is his major fallout is his character that makes him opportunist and hypocrite. Besides, there are other little Tekedas’ who stick themselves to TPLF and serve evil just to satisfy their greed when they have the opportunity to distance themselves from the regime and be part of sanity. These little Tekedas include Nebyu Tedla, Dibaba Abdeta, Mulugeta Zewdie, Hana Nigussie, Mesfin Wudneh, Teferi Tadesse, Menelik Alemu, Misganu Arega, Teferi Tadesse and others…
So, if they have a sense of national responsibility and the need to serve justice and freedom I say to them that it is still possible to redeem themselves and be party to sanity. As they say “better late than never”

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